Enchanting 'SWANANDYOG' Is Enticing And Beckoning You..!

Set up with the avowed and solemn objective of providing congruence of nature and environment with the modernity and scientific advancement, the ‘SWANANDYOG’, an Educational-cum-Scientific-cum-Cultural Centre, is a nerve-centre for students as well as people of all ages to quench their thirst for getting intellectual insights and enlightenment into academics and where-withal of happenings and promoting creative faculties.

Meticulously conceptualized, planned and executed through consultation with experts, the Centre marks a significant milestone in the development of a sound infrastructure in Sonawale. Sprawled across 25 acres in a serene and scenic beauty and removed away from hurly-burly of agonising cities, the village Sonawale provides necessary ambience for learning amidst dazzling opulent natural surroundings.

Here is a glimpse and highlight of what the SWANANDYOG offers to the visitors while embarking on a passage through the Centre.